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Romans 3:27-31

Posted in English, Mike Phillips by immanuelfellowship on April 26th, 2015

Last week Mike emphasized what Justification means to both those who already have a relationship with Jesus and those who have not yet made a commitment to Jesus.  This week we focus in more on what Justification means to the disciple of Jesus. As disciples, our understanding of justification is foundational to our understanding of the gospel.

The redeeming blood of Jesus is a theme that runs throughout the New Testament.  It is because of Jesus’ blood that we are justified. This is what allows us to come before God any time. We are free to spend time with God on our worst day just as much as our best day. Satan tries to make us feel too sinful to talk to God, but because of the blood of Jesus we can always come to God.

Romans 3:21-26

Posted in English, Mike Phillips by immanuelfellowship on April 19th, 2015

In this passage Paul begins sharing the Good News: We are sinners, but we have been saved! God has made us righteous and justified apart from the Law which we could never follow. Our righteous standing before God is a gift received by faith in Jesus. It's a gift of God's grace.

Our justification before God wasn't just a one-time thing (and then we must live the rest of our lives perfectly). The Greek verb tense Paul uses here shows that we are continually justified. Even though we continue to sin as we grow in Christ, we remain in a state of being continually justified. This allows us to grow without the burdens of guilt and condemnation that can hold us back from true, sustained growth.

Romans 2:12-3:20

Posted in English, Mike Phillips by immanuelfellowship on April 12th, 2015

This week we are back to talking about Romans. Paul is still describing our lostness in chapter 2 and the first part of chapter 3. Before we can really appreciate the saving grace of God, we have to understand that we were all lost and hopelessly separated from God. Paul makes it very clear in this section of Romans that even those who are trying to live by the rules have failed and fallen under condemnation. Next week, starting with Romans 3:21, Paul will begin telling us the Good News of God’s salvation for humanity.

Ressurection Sunday 2015

Posted in English, Mike Phillips by immanuelfellowship on April 5th, 2015


The Resurrection of Jesus is the single most important event in the history of the world. It is a loud, screaming message to the whole world that God loves them. Because of the resurrection Jesus can offer us a new beginning. More than just starting over, a new beginning with Jesus is a deep transformation – even for those who have failed miserably. Two people in particular who were touched by the Resurrection are Mary Magdalene and Peter. Both of them had failed in the past and Jesus offered a new beginning to each of them. Jesus offers us a new beginning too.


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