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The Christian Worker And Sound Doctrine II

Posted in English, Koinonia, Mike Phillips by immanuelfellowship on April 16th, 2011

This is the second part of Mike's teaching on the importance of sound doctrine and of knowing the Bible well. This teaching was given at our Koinonia meeting. Sound doctrine is spiritual truth. What do we do with the spiritual truth that we have? 2 Timothy 2:2 talks about entrusting our treasure of truth to others. This process of passing truth on is more than just giving someone a book, it's sharing your life with them, teaching them, and praying for them. Spiritual truth is about a changed life, about being transformed, not just accumulating head knowledge.

We have a sister church in Mexico City that our Mike visits as our church in Frisco continues to have a coaching role in Mexico City.  At the beginning of this podcast Mike shares a little about the recent trip to Mexico City.

The Christian Worker and Sound Doctrine I

Posted in Spanish, English, Koinonia, Mike Phillips by immanuelfellowship on April 14th, 2011

This recording is from the Koinonia, our church's workers group.  Mike is sharing about the importance of knowing the Bible well. We need to be diligent to study the Bible because there are a lot of false teachings that could distract us from knowing God and growing more like Him.  Our knowledge of God's Word needs to go beyond a superficial head knowledge to a deeply life-changing knowledge of God's Word.

We are a bilingual group and so this message is in both English and Spanish.


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