Biblical Eschatology Class 7

Posted in Mike Phillips, Bible Class by immanuelfellowship on May 21st, 2016

This week Mike gives an overview of the problems in the Middle East. He begins with the partitioning of the Ottoman Empire after World War I, covers the modern history of Israel, and gives a brief look at the major players in the Middle East today. If we are going to understand how Biblical prophecies on the End Times are possibly being fulfilled today, we need to understand the current events of our day.

During this class Mike will refer to class notes which are available in both English and Spanish by clicking on the links below. Included in these notes are the passages we are looking at, any charts that Mike refers to, and next week's homework. These notes are free, but we ask that you do not take credit for these materials or attempt to make money off of them.

For notes in English click here.

For notes in Spanish click here. 

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